I currently study product design with a passion for enhancing the human experience. My expertise is in human centered design, understanding people not just as numbers, but as needs, challenges, and narratives. I am most passionate about projects that have a rich design process from researching and identifying needs, to developing concepts, to communicating ideas, and executing ways to enrich human relationships with the world around us.


Designing for the right problem

Knowing the right problem to design for is one of my favorite parts of design. With a combination of generative and evaluative design methods to think broadly, I try to widen my lens and frame needs, problems, and opportunities in new ways.

Surveying students to understand their relationship with money

Surveying students to understand their relationship with money

Designing it the right way

Once I know the problem and opportunity space, I think, research, and prototype widely in search of a possible solution. Again, this includes a combination of divergent and convergent thinking to prototype, evaluate, and improve possible solutions.

Creating a functional prototype that makes it easier to stretch your hamstrings

Creating a functional prototype that makes it easier to stretch your hamstrings


My background with design

Lick-Wilmerding High School

2012 - 2014

My journey with design started when I attended Lick-Wilmerding high school in San Francisco. A key tenant of this college predatory school was learning with “Head, Heart, and Hands.” A major distinction to other schools was the inclusion of technical arts to supplement academics. While not a trade school, Lick teaches students how to problem solve, think collaboratively, and build skills. My favorite environment to learn these lessons were in the tech shops which included metal working, wood working, electronics, and other arts classes such as architecture.


Carnegie-Mellon School of Design

2015 - 2019

At Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design, I broadened and deepened my understanding of design. While I immersed myself in product design, I also learned how to think of design more holistically and on bigger more complex scales. While I deepened my skills, I also learned how to look at the world differently. Through the built world, I learned how design could be transformative in broader ways to impact society. My projects ranged from designing furniture, to creating services, and conducting human centered research.

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